A Perth Copywriter who writes thoughtful blog posts

Are you beginning to see the value of blogging from a marketing perspective, but just don't have the time?

Marketing takes hours, I get it. But quality content is imperative for the growth of your business.

And in today's market – information overload – it's not a choice anymore. Your audience expects you to have the answers. They want to know you’re an expert.

Not only this, but blogging make you visible – it helps with your ranking on Google.

Why do you need to blog?

  • Blogs give you shareable content, like stuff to post other than your upcoming sale.

  • Blogs promote social engagement. Your audience will comment, "like", and discuss your content.

  • Blogs increase your visibility on search engines. More traffic means more sales.

  • Blogs give you a way to directly communicate with your target market, allowing you to promote your brand, and tell your story. You're able to connect.

  • Blogs show you're an expert in your field, establishing trust between you and your audience.

How can I help?

I'm a Perth copywriter who writes insightful and audience-specific blog posts for small businesses who want to connect with their audience.

I research your target market, and figure out what they want to read and share. We chat, and I listen to the story you want to communicate to the world. I weave your story, brand and philosophy into your blog posts. I write content that's in line with your brand personality.

I do the hard work for you. We just have to get a coffee.