A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

A series of interconnecting short stories, each told from a different perspective, A Visit from the Goon Squad is a snapshot into the lives of characters that connect at various stages throughout their lives. In ‘Found Objects,’ thirty-something Sasha confronts her kleptomania in a therapy session, we get a glimpse of her adolescence from her uncle’s perspective as he searches for her in Italy in ‘Goodbye, My Love,’ and we fast forward to her more settled future in ‘Great Rock and Roll Pauses,’ as her daughter Alison drops clues about her family life with PowerPoints.

Egan allows us to get to know these characters in vastly different contexts­ in stories that span decades, we see where they came from, where they end up, as well as their impact on the people they come across. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and such an innovative way to write fiction.

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