Devotion by Patti Smith

One of my favourite things in the world is writers talking about writing. Patti Smith writing about writing?­ I’m in heaven.

Devotion has three parts­. In How The Mind Works, Smith ruminates on a film trailer she came across about the Estonian deportation to a Siberian work camp in 1941. The images in the trailer spark her curiosity, forming visual poems in her mind. We follow Smith to Paris, as literary figures, the ice-skating she watches on TV, as well as the city, itself, inspire her and connect with her thoughts back home.

Devotion, the second part to this book, is where these inspirations come together. A short story about a young ice skater from Estonia, devoted to the language of movement-vivid and beautifully paced.

In the third part, A Dream is Not a Dream, we are with Smith again, this time in Albert Camus’ house in Lourmarin. As she reads his last manuscript, unfinished, Smith question­s–why does one write?

Devotion is an ode to devotion, and of course, writing. Another gorgeous offering from a writer I admire, a writer through and through­­­­-curious, constantly in wonder, and forever waiting to write the next page.

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