Night Games by Anna Krien

The after-game rituals of Australian footballers blur the line between rape and consensual sex, but are repeatedly excused in sports culture with a “boys will be boys” mentality.⁣

These stories of “night games” are weaved into the author’s reportage of the rape trial of an AFL player in 2010 (two Collingwood players were linked to case but never charged).⁣

Anna Krien covers all aspects of the problematic culture surrounding this behaviour, including sexism in sport and the discrimination of women in the inner sanctum of footy. It reveals the grey areas of consensual sex, and the way this murkiness effects rape trials and our reaction to rape allegations.⁣

What I liked about Night Games is Krien’s balanced approach. She doesn’t condemn anyone. She’s careful not to blame victims or footballers, but rather questions AFL’s sexist culture and the culture surrounding it.⁣

I love first-person investigative journalism. Night Games is a really engaging and enlightening read. I knew this stuff went on, but seeing it laid out bare was confronting.

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