So Sad Today by Melissa Broder

Talking about the shit humans do to feel less terrified about being alive is my jam. It's Melissa Broder too, so this book felt right.⁣⁣

So Sad Today chronicles the many ways Broder has tried to feel okay. While reading I found myself going, "Wait, what? You have a committee in your head trying to kill you too? OMG!" "You're built like a sieve so external validation just pours through you too? Shit."⁣⁣

I was talking to a friend recently about books that don't necessarily make you feel better about life, but they still make you feel good. There's no take-home message in this book, well unless you count the "shit is fucked but lol" message the So Sad Today's twitter feed became famous for...but these essays surpass it to reveal depth, understanding and connection, or attempts at connection anyway. (Google Hangout with My Higher Self - yes yes yes!)⁣⁣

Art that asks questions it can't answer is one of the many things I consume to feel okay. So Sad Today was this for me. Thanks Broder!

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