The Art of Reading by Damon Young

Reading about reading is a pleasure because it can changes the way we relate to the words we consume.⁣

Through the lens of philosophy Damon Young meditates on reading through the virtues­­ of patience, curiosity, courage, pride, temperance and justice. The Art or Reading highlights the characteristics literary folk may possess or develop through the art of reading, while subtly questioning why reading is not taken more seriously.⁣

Young offers gem after gem, like, “curiosity is best when it looks back at itself, questioning its own interrogations,” and “to read with maturity is to witness a more crowded reality.”⁣

The Art of Reading is peppered with incredible quotes by revered authors and philosophers, as well as a guide to the material the philosopher used for the book. It enhanced my relationship to reading, and inspired me to not only read more widely but mindfully.

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