The Course of Love by Alain de Botton


“Choosing a person to marry is just a matter of deciding what kind of suffering we want to endure.” What wonderful lessons I learn from Alain de Botton.⁣

The Course of Love tells the story of an ordinary marriage. Instead of focussing on the getting together like much of pop culture does, de Botton concentrates on the staying together. And this, he says, is where the real love begins.⁣

What does it really takes to share a life with someone? Spoiler: it’s never easy. And through the couple’s many ups and downs, we learn there’s no such thing as a perfect soulmate.⁣

“By the standards of most love stories, our own, real relationships are almost all damaged and unsatisfactory.”⁣

It’s a big, hard hit of reality. Smashing all those romantic love stories we have modelled our lives on. But, in the end, if we can wrap our heads around these lessons, we will probably save ourselves some heartache (maybe a bit). ⁣

Anyone who is married, getting married, or planning on being in a longterm relationship MUST read this book. A cool story interspersed with philosophical observations by a very clever person.

Naomi Faye