The Human Current by Jeremy Newman


There’s something about reading a book by someone your own age. You identify. And when the author also lives in your hometown? Well, that identification is ten-fold.⁣

The Human Current is the debut novel by Perth lawyer and writer Jeremy Newman. It follows a 30-something lawyer living in London who loses his identity in the pursuit of what society expects him to want. But what does Gus want? He doesn't know.⁣

So Gus gets into trouble. He begins to work with an international criminal, spirals into drug addiction, and experiences multiple existential crises.⁣

But the Fremantle doctor can soothe the raggediest edges and this book is a good reminder that none of us are really in control of our lives, we’re all just caught up in the human current. And maybe we need to take a break and look around once and a while.⁣

So cool reading a book from a fellow Perth peep!

Naomi Faye