Two Books by Rosie Waterland

When someone describes a person by saying, “She’s just real, you know?” we nod our heads, often without knowing exactly what they mean. Rosie Waterland is definitely “real”, and by this I mean her writing is open, honest and meaningful. Both of these books are a collection of personal essays by a hilarious storyteller who is not afraid to share her most embarrassing moments.

In her first book The Anti-Cool Girl, the former mamamia writer tells stories from her crazy childhood, admirably able to see the humour in horrible situations. Every Lie I’ve Ever Told is as funny and heartbreaking, with tales from Waterland’s life as an adult and writer.

Both of these books cover heavy topics­ like, addiction, mental health, child abuse, heartbreak and death, yet Waterland has this incredible ability to keep it funny while not making light of serious issues. Both of these books are romps of reads and very relatable.

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