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Why words matter?

You’re here and you’re reading this so I know you value the power of words – especially when marketing your business. How else do you communicate your value?

Words inform, influence and inspire. Words promote social engagement, persuade readers to ask questions, and encourage audiences to take action.

Whatever that action is – calling you, signing up, buying online –  it’s my job to create copy to make that happen.

Whether you need engaging web copy highlighting your brand personality, thoughtful blog posts positioning you as an expert in your field, or an About page that takes readers on a journey – I can help.


Who is Words with Naomi Faye?

When you hire a copywriter you want to know they can actually write. Don’t worry. Besides being obsessed with words personally, I’m also qualified.

I have a degree in Professional Writing and Publishing, and Literary and Cultural Studies from Curtin University, as well as a Diploma of Business Marketing. I also read and write a whole damn lot.

My copywriting experience spans various disciplines, from writing websites for creatives, blogs for universities, brochures for travel companies, signs for breweries, and feature articles for magazines. If it involves words, I’m in!


A word after a word after a word is power.
— Margaret Atwood

Like Books? Me too.