Looking for a Perth copywriter to help you tackle the blank pages on your website?

You just launched your business and got yourself a website, but have no idea what to write.

Maybe you have content, but you're unsure if it's in line with your brand?

Your online presence is the face of your business, and your website is your shop front. Yep. That means everyone who visits your website will be judging your website – meaning they're judging you.

So not only do you want to look good – enter designer – you want to sound good – enter Perth copywriter.

Perhaps you've asked yourself the following questions...

How do I write an 'About Page' that encapsulates what I'm about?

  • What should I include on my 'Landing Page'?

  • How am I different from my competitors?

  • How do I communicate the value I offer?

  • How do I write for SEO?

  • How do I get my customers to call/order/email?

Hiring a Perth copywriter means you don't even have to ask these questions. The answers will be delivered to you in the form of thoughtful and engaging copy.

Why is professionally written web copy so important?

It connects you with your audience. It's direct, persuasive, and emotive. It pulls at their heart strings, and establishes a relationship.

  • It makes your business look legit (e.g. no embarrassing grammar mistakes or poorly written sentences).

  • It communicates your brand story effectively. Your audience will know who you are, and what you're offering.

  • It persuades your audience to take action. There's no point pulling visitors to your site if they're not going to give you a call/buy your product/use your service.

  • It's key to your SEO strategy. If you want to rank higher on google, you need to implement SEO content.

Not sure how copywriting works?

  1. Consultation: We meet for a coffee. We chat. I get to know you and your business. I hear your story, and find your voice. I ask the right questions.

  2. Research: I research your industry and competitors. I clarify your USP (unique selling point). I find out what makes your audience tick.

  3. Copywriting: This is where the magic happens. I write copy that will communicate your brand, and connect to your audience.

  4. Two FREE rounds of revisions: I send you a first draft. Any changes? No worries. I will amend the copy to your needs.

  5. Proof copy: Once we're both happy, I send it to my proofreader to make sure it's all spick and span.

  6. Extra tips and tricks: I tend to throw in a few tips and tricks along the way about the marketing of your business. Free of charge. Just for fun.

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